Employees from Belarus

Outsourcing of employees from Belarus

Are you an employer and would you like to legally hire employees from Belarus?

You've come to the right place, the DRAKO INVEST provides outsourcing of employees from Belarus and more. The company rents employees for various industries with an emphasis on: manufacturing, construction, and industrial sectors. Representatives of the company stationed in Belarus are constantly recruiting, have an insight into the Belarusian labor market resources, so rented employees have different qualifications, regardless of whether you are looking for a specialist or an unqualified employee, contact by e-mail or telephone to hire Belarusian employees.

Pracownicy z Bialorusi

Using employee outsourcing at DRAKO INVEST:

  • you discard many duties related to hiring employees, which results in lower costs,
  • you account for a man-hour based on a VAT invoice,
  • you get a guarantee of the legality and security of employment of foreigners.

Advantages of employees hiring.

The DRAKO INVEST company will perform for you:

  • recruitment of employees,
  • entering into contracts with employees,
  • providing medical examinations to employees,
  • payment of employees ZUS contributions,
  • payment of employees remuneration,
  • providing accommodation for employees.

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