Outsourcing of employees

Employee outsourcing - employee renting

The DRAKO INVEST, meeting the market expectations and global trends, provides its contractors with employees mainly from Eastern Europe and India in the form of employee outsourcing. The experience gained allows us to offer employees to the broadly understood branches of production, construction, and industry.

When you decide to outsource your employees, you reach the following benefits:

  • acceleration of the recruitment process,
  • reducing employee costs,
  • use of qualified professionals.

When renting employees, you are not worried about:

  • recruitment,
  • concluding a contract with employees,
  • providing medical examinations to employees,
  • social security contributions,
  • remuneration of employees,
  • accommodation of employees.

By using the outsourcing of employees, you receive a comprehensive service provided by the specialized employment agency. You account for a man-hour based on a VAT invoice.

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