How the recruitment of employees in the
DRAKO INVEST Sp. z o.o. looks like?

Model of key competencies.

In cooperation with the Client, an appropriate competence model is created for each position. A set of required skills and, if necessary, certificates confirming formal competence of the employee are described.

Building a database of candidates.

Sending a brief to cooperating foreign companies with a description of the requirements and declared benefits on the part of the Client, the purpose of which is to interest in the offer and acquire new candidates. Searching for suitable candidates in our company's database.

Document verification (pre-selection).

An analysis of applications sent by candidates and assigning them according to expected significant criteria. The goal is to create a group of candidates whose qualifications correspond to the vocational profile created.

Structural interview.

Direct interview, carried out by Ukrainian partners, which is the primary source of information about the candidate. The interview includes both biographical questions and questions about competence. The information obtained during the interview will ultimately be used to create the initial profile of the candidate. This interview focuses on three areas:

Checking the candidates' references.

In order to confirm the information contained in the applications, the references of all candidates are checked.


At the end of the recruitment process, the Client receives a report on recommended candidates.

Legal and formal regulations.

After accepting the selected pool of candidates, we issue for them a personal "declaration of intention to perform work of a citizen of a given country" issued on the Client's workplace. This statement is confirmed and registered by the poviat Labor Office and constitutes the legal basis for obtaining a six-month visa with a work permit in Poland. This process takes about 2 weeks.

Some of the candidates already have a visa, which reduces the time needed to be posted to the workplace for up to two days. After a month or two of impeccable work, that is, the final confirmation of the suitability of a given employee, after expressing such will on the part of the Client, we apply to the Provincial Office for a work permit for 2 years. Based on this document, the employee obtains a visa for one year with the possibility of extending for another year.

Employees exchange.

If the employee does not meet the requirements set for him/her, due to lack of commitment, competence, or incapacity to work on a health basis, we deliver a next candidate in his/her place, without any costs incurred by the Client.


for security of employers' employment



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