How the cooperation with looks like in the field of outsourcing of employees?

DRAKO INVEST is an employer for seconded employees and is responsible for:

  • recruitment,
  • HR and payroll services,
  • social security contributions,
  • medical examinations of employees,
  • organization of the accommodation possibility,

DRAKO INVEST issues a VAT invoice for services for the Employer, the Customer (the number of hours worked by the employee multiplied by the hourly rate).

Cooperation scheme

  1. Reporting of Client needs and requirements.
  2. Collecting by a representative of DRAKO INVEST of detailed information on the number of employees needed, the date of starting work, areas of competence, and the specificity of the workplace.
  3. Preparation of the cost offer and defining the optimal dates of arrival of seconded employees.
  4. Signing a contract for the provision of services.
  5. Recruitment process.
  6. On Client's request, after additional arrangements, DRAKO INVEST prepares social facilities for seconded employees (accommodation, transport to the workplace).
  7. Implementation of seconded employees in the structure of the Client's company.
  8. Constant contact with the Client's representative and constant care over seconded employees from the representative of DRAKO INVEST.


for security of employers' employment



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